Eye Testing App: Visual Acuity & Vision Test

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Eye Testing App 2023: This Free Eye Visual Acuity test Application helps you detect any problems in your eyes, and identify the most common issues. so Let's Test your vision at home and it's totally free. The Eye testing mobile application helps users to do self-administered eye tests at home.

Eye Testing App: Visual Acuity & Vision Tests

Now You Can Test your vision anywhere any time with This App. it helps you to Keep track of eyesight and also maintain good vision at all times. This App provides visual acuity measurement statistics like history, charts, and trends. The app is designed with a user-friendly interface. The app has many eye tests like visual acuity tests, color blindness tests, contrast sensitivity tests, and many more.

You can also do a Color blindness test on this Application for free. This tool uses the simulation methodology Optometrists for an eye test. Users can be done eye tests at home without an appointment with an eye doctor.

12 Types of Eyes Tests Available On Eye Test App

  1. Visual acuity tests
  2. An Ishihara Color Blindness test
  3. Test your vision and speed
  4. 4 Amsler grid tests
  5. An AMD test for macular degeneration
  6. A Glaucoma survey
  7. A Written test
  8. Red Desaturation test
  9. Contrast Sensitivity test
  10. Landolt C/Tumbling E test
  11. Astigmatism test
  12. Duochrome test
  13. An OKN Strip test
Several eye charts are available: Snellen chart, Landolt "C", Tumbling E, and chart with pictures for little kids. Objects are shown randomly and Measurement statistics are available.

Eye Vision Tester App Features: 

  • Small Size
  • Easy To Use
  • Free Application
  • Quick & efficient visual acuity and eyesight test
  • Test eye blindness
  • No need for an internet connection
  • Nice graphic
  • Get Full Reporter
  • Eye test statistics
Regular eye exercises may help you to relax your eyes and improve your eyesight.

With eye care and eye exams, you predict serious vision damage so it's a must-recommend. Eye testing app is a valuable, useful tool for individuals to maintain good eye health.

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