Ayurveda eBook App - Ayurvedic Herbs and Remedies

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Ayurveda eBook App: Today we have a Special ayurveda Ebook application for you. In this app, you learn about ayurveda science and get Ayurvedic home remedies. This is a Completely free Ayurveda app with a list of all edible plants, and herbs, their medicinal benefits, and their use in home remedies, etc.

Ayurveda eBook App - Ayurvedic Herbs and Remedies

Pocket ayurvedic medicinal manual listing herbs and Remedies. Medicinal plants and their uses are collected free Ayurveda app containing a list of all edible plants, and herbs, their medicinal and their use in home remedies.


હાડકા સંબંધિત


હ્રદય સંબંધિત

આંખને સંબંધિત

આનુવંશિક રોગો


એલર્જી સંબંધિત

કિડની વિષે

કેન્સર સંબંધિત

જન્મજાત બહેરા-મુંગા બાળકો સંબંધિત

ચામડીના રોગ સંબંધિત

દાંત વિશેની માહિતી

પોષણ સંબંધિત

ફેફસા સંબંધિત
Grind the rhizome, macerate 26 to 30 grams in one liter of water and sweeten at will try fresh. Originally from India and Malaysia, ginger is grown in humid places near villages. Ginger rhizome is used as an accelerator of digestion, Antitussive, and aphrodisiac. A preparation made from ginger in many countries mixing rhizome powder, sugar, and water has a refreshing, stimulating, and aphrodisiac reputation.

મગજને સંબંધિત

કાલ્પનિક ભય વિશે


લીવર સંબંધિત

શરીરના અંગો સાથે સંકળાયેલ રોગો                                  

સુક્ષ્માંણુંથી થતા રોગો


This is a very useful Application for all because you get all-natural ayurvedic remedies for free. Must share and recommend to all your friends and family.

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